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Who the f*ck is

This is the story on how we got started and the non-conventional strategies we used to survive, grow and thrive.  

By Michael B. Bonnée, Founder

In 2016, MBB Media was born as a way to make some side money while working full-time as a talent agent. It was a hobby, I enjoyed it, and this was something I only planned to do in my free time and on the weekend. This wasn't about building a big company, it was about doing something I enjoyed with people I enjoyed working with. In business we are taught how much money a company makes is how we define success. This has been true since forever and for good reason. If you don’t make enough revenue to cover your expenditures  of course you will eventually go out of business.

I just think a little different. I always thought of MBB Media as anything but typical and hoped to be "different" from our competition. Different how? Well, different in our approach and definition of what success is, different in our ambitions of what the company could be, and different in the non-businessy things we do.

Here's some examples.

First, our employees aren’t actually employees. They are friends, independent contractors and creative partners with no contracts or agreements or anything legally binding. They each have their own thing going on and choose what they want to work on and when they work on it. 


Second, there is no formal contracts for clients to sign. We love email and use it to outline scope of work and once we complete a project we send clients the assets we agreed to do and links to our PayPal or Venmo and ask to be paid. Simple. 

Third, we rely entirely on word-of-mouth and referrals. Marketing and advertising budget spent over 7 years…ZERO. Again, I don’t care about that shit.

Fourth, we don't focus on money. We focus on aligning with our clients goals, making best-in-class virtual tours, and exceeding client expectations. To be successful in this industry, you must be able to make people happy.

Lastly, we don't pretend to be aces in everything we offer and are fortunate to have an incredible network of creatives to choose from, including: capture technicians, photographers, directors, drone pilots, editors, etc., ready to fill out any production request needed. 


Everyone that works with MBB Media is exceptional and cares deeply about what they do. I am very grateful for all of their contributions.

We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world creating 3D digital twins and custom, branded virtual tours. However, equally fulfilling are the independent businesses, entrepreneurs and realtor/property owners we've worked with along the way.

Today, we still enjoy finding new clients but also don't take projects only for the money. If we like a project but you don't have a budget we might do it. If you have a HUGE budget but don't vibe together we might turn it down.


What brings us the most joy is pushing boundaries, working with kick-ass people and making our clients exceptionally happy.


Happy clients = all the money.

Not surprisingly, 2022 was our most successful year yet.


And our 2023 roadmap is beyond exciting. 

The future looks bright.


the team


Michael B. Bonnée

Joshua Tree + Southern California

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Parker T. Gibbs
Managing Partner - SF

San Francisco + Northern California 

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Becket Jackson
3D Capture Specialist

Los Angeles + Orange County

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“We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way people experience and interact with physical spaces. We believe that 3D digital twins, 360º media & XR experiences have the power to bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds, and we’re dedicated to making this technology accessible to everyone with our innovative solutions.”

Michael B. Bonnée (Founder) & Parker T. Gibbs (Managing Partner)


Exclusive Partners

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FUN FACTS about Michael, founder of MBB Media.

  • Internationally renowned cat lover

  • Unapologetic coffee junkie

  • Chauncey Gardiner is his spirit animal

  • EDM & glowwave enthusiast

  • His passion, dedication and love for Studio 54 is of unknown origin but remains unquestioned by all who know him

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